Nourished by Nature
Veroque Botanicals

What's In A Name?



VERT (green) + BAROQUE (pearl)


Vert represents the botanicals we source from the earth including the organic hemp we use in our products. It also symbolizes our commitment to giving back and protecting the environments that have nurtured us for so long.


A baroque pearl (an irregularly shaped pearl) is our ode to marine botanicals. Pearls serve as a natural defense system that shellfish produce when an irritant is present. Just as we are faced with irritants in our daily lives, our products are formulated to help comfort and protect your skin.

Sustainability + Social Impact

As a company that is rooted in a deep love of nature, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our bottles are made from recyclable glass and our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer waste that is printed locally with vegetable-based inks. As we continue to grow so will our sustainability efforts.

Every year we donate at least one percent of our revenue to causes that protect the environment through the international organization, 1% for the Planet.

Every month, we also donate to a different organization highlighted by the Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses supporting and funding equity-oriented actions. Learn more about the Floret Coalition’s efforts to give back to Black, Latin, and Indigenous communities here.

Our Founder

Inspired by my memories growing up on the Northern California coast, being surrounded by the ocean and nature has always provided an undeniable calming force in my life. I wanted to create a brand whose products deliver the same sensation for our skin. 

Here at Veroque Botanicals, our goal is to create well-considered products that add immense nourishment to your self-care routine while being mindful of the earth and our oceans. Our products symbolize the powerful beauty behind the natural defense systems in marine and natural life.

My passion for skincare was instilled in me by my late mother who always had effortlessly radiant skin. She was the kind of person who knew exactly what your skin needed—and believed that less was always more. In homage to her, Veroque Botanicals embraces a soothing simplicity to skincare. 

I hope our products bring your skin a moment of calm!

— Nicole DalPorto