How to change the entire site’s background: 

  1. Open Customizer
  2. Select the Settings Icon 
  3. Change Color for Background

To change color of section background: 

  1. Select section in customizer
  2. Scroll of the bottom of the toolbar on the right hand, you will see a box that looks like this
  3. paste the following code: section { background: #b5b9a5; }
  4. Change out the color code for the color code you want to change it to. 

To change font: 

  1. This can only be done within rich text boxes with the ability to bold and italicize text (those text boxes look like this)
  2. To change the font to Garamond the text must be set as anything from h1-h6. 
  3. When you BOLD the text it will turn into Garamond Pro Caption normal
  4. When you BOLD and ITALICIZE it, then it will be Garamond Pro Caption italicize
  5. Other than that the heading font has been changed to Garamond Pro Caption since this was the best way to translate to add the font in.